Polarization and the Planetary Control System


Industrial Dawn


As a new century dawns, the worldwide trend toward polarization is particularly worrisome and has reached epidemic proportions already. The disturbing trend toward political, economic, religious, and social polarization continues to grow unabated in every sphere of life. The gaps that divide us continue to grow larger, and the emotional distance that separates us continues to grow wider. There is little remaining cohesion to hold us together. What common ground we do share, shrinks beneath our feet. Polarization spares no one. It fractures everything and everyone. Polarization is end result of a divide and conquer strategy that the secret masters of the world have used to bring humanity to its knees. Our fear and anger make them stronger and right now the world is sinking into a morass of these highly-charged negative emotions. The 1% thrive. The 99% barely survive.

The Exponential Leap

With every passing day and every new upheaval the polarization of this planet leaps exponentially;  distances between people continue to grow, cohesion continues to erode, and a peaceful future slips further from our grasp. Extreme selfishness has replaced respect for the common good. We have less in common than we ever have. Turmoil, hostility, and conflict are at a high pitch, sweeping over our small planet with alarming ease. Nothing seems able to slow the rising wave of negativity and polarization. Everywhere, on every continent and in every country, people feel a deep sense of foreboding about the future. No one is immune from the corrosive anxiety, the loss of innocence, and the increasing toxicity of our times that polarization creates.

It is as if a dark tide were gathering its strength, while we stand helpless in the rising water, waiting for the deluge that seems certain to come. Many fear that this time it might be too late to save the world from itself. In the meantime, we stand shivering in the cold currents of our time, unprotected and vulnerable, facing a worldwide epidemic of conflict, polarization, frenzy, and rage.


The Negative Momentum of Our Times

When an individual acts out his rage there are no winners. Everyone loses. The impact of isolated incidents of violence contributes to the flood of darkness sweeping over the world and encourages others, who are also unstable and full of rage, to commit similar atrocities. Terrible acts committed by unstable people, lead to more unstable people committing terrible acts. This is one way a negative trend starts. The psychic atmosphere of the globe becomes polluted by the increasing sum of terrible acts and encourages ever more horrible atrocities. Violence and instability are the legacy of polarization.

Lost Souls

The world is full of lost souls. If we lose sight of the inner person, we lose our way in life. “What does it profit a man,” Christ once asked, “to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” The answer is devastatingly simple. It profits him nothing.

In a polarized world the number of lost souls increases rapidly. This is what the secret masters of the world want. A planet full of broken people and demoralized societies is easy to control. Broken people won’t resist tyranny and enslavement. In fact, they won’t ever realize they have been enslaved. When people are controlled by fear and have no access to the strength and light in their soul they will believe whatever lies the authorities tell them. Welcome to the future world of polarization.


Brilliant Sun

How to Reclaim Your Power

One of the most powerful steps an individual can take in a climate of fear, instability and polarization is to reclaim his soul connection. People who have unified their soul and mind, creating a soul-mind, are independent, think for themselves, and stand in their light and power. People who have developed their soul-mind cannot be controlled or contaminated by the polarization virus that afflicts the great majority of humanity. They are the hope of the future.

If you want to reclaim your soul-mind start with the 3% Solution Exercise. It’s simple, but will produce powerful results. You will find it in this post.