Finding Your True Life Purpose

The Five Common Features of a True Life Purpose

All manifestations of a true life purpose have five common features.

  1. A true life purpose is the result of Self-realization, of becoming who we were always meant to be. The foundation of Self-realization is the merger of the conscious, rational mind with the soul.
  2.  A true life purpose is a form of unconditional love.
  3.  A true life purpose serves and uplifts other people.
  4.  A true life purpose creates acceptance among people and fosters group consciousness.
  5. A true life purpose encourages creativity and allows freedom to flourish.

true life purpose

How Great Things Begin

Anyone who has the privilege of pursuing his true life purpose realizes that when he fulfills his life purpose, he also fulfills himself. Great things, even vast things, start in small ways with small actions that hardly register at the time. The beginning is often undetected until the true life purpose gathers momentum and attracts attention. The Roman Empire began over six hundred years before the birth of Christ with a small band of people in the Italian peninsula searching for a new home on a group of hills. That tiny blip on the screen of history became a great Empire that was to last a thousand years. Christ began with a few followers in Judea, Buddha with a small band of disciples in India. Two millennia later, each of these great spiritual masters has a religion named after them and more than a billion followers.

Service and the Higher Light

The lives of Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi, and the others demonstrate an important spiritual principle. If we move in the direction of serving a greater good than our own self-interest, the higher light of the spirit will support and protect our work. Our efforts to serve others will open the door to draw down a larger measure of Divine light. When we find our true life purpose we do not work alone. We have the support of  spirit world. We don’t have to free a country like Gandhi, found a religion like Christ and Mohammed, or discover the path to enlightenment as Buddha did. We only have to free ourselves from the chains within our psyche that bind us to our negative ego and desire nature. That is the first step in discovering a true life purpose.

Whenever one of us discovers his true self and activates his true lie purpose, another inner light goes on in the world. The more spiritual light that is present in the world, the less that evil can live here. Our lives all count. We are all important. We each have a unique contribution to make that will allow the world to be a better place. Our identity and true life purpose are not only important for our own personal well-being, they are also important for the well- being of the world.