Establishing Soul Contact

the soul

The Forgotten Soul

The soul has been forgotten and is largely ignored. The world breaks from its moorings. The pace of life and the stress of living grow in quantum leaps. Even though the sense of stability in the world seems to be diminishing, relatively few people have begun to consciously develop the vital link to their soul. The future consequence of the failure to act in one’s highest interest is that many will be without access to their inner center when they need it most.

Establishing a strong, clear link to our soul marks a crucial stage in our evolution. It is this step that definitively separates those of us who are whole from those who are wounded. If we choose to take this step, we can move forward to heal ourselves and elevate our lives.

Soul Contact

When we consciously develop our connection to our soul we become peaceful, clear, and strong. These three qualities of soul contact provide a stabilizing bulwark against life’s constant challenges. When we have these qualities the pressures of life will not break us. We will be able to stand up to hostile challenges and beat them back without losing our inner center or relinquishing our power. Every challenge we face will serve to make us stronger and wiser. Each success we have will increase our light and deepen our faith in ourselves.

The reason why soul contact makes us peaceful and clear is that the soul is at one with a higher power. It is eternal and fears nothing. It knows joy, and is filled with dynamic power and creative energy. Death cannot touch it, scare it, or destroy it. The soul is our link to the conti- nuity of life. Our other assets come and go. Sometimes we profit from our material endeavors. Sometimes we fail, but regardless of what we may have accumulated or lost, when we die we will surrender all of our material assets. However, we never surrender our soul. It counts in life, and it counts after our physical life is over.

The Rising Tide of Fear

When our soul connection is dormant a recurrent sense self-doubt and repeated questions of self-worth often rumble through our system. Those doubts and questions are like a major breach in a line of military fortifications. They leave us unprotected and allow many forms of fear to seep into our psyche. Fear is highly contagious when we do not have a strong inner center to defeat it. Fear feeds the negative, champions the hysterical, breeds confusion and paranoia, and exacerbates the tide of chaos running rampant in the world. Meanwhile, peace is almost nowhere to be found, neither in countries nor in individuals. The world becomes more polarized daily, and the voices raised above the growing din grow shriller. If the power of the negative continues to grow, where will we find our hope for the future? If the power of the negative mutates into new crises and the speed of its proliferation increases, what kind of world will we be passing on to our children? Will the future take care of itself if we go on blindly as we are doing and ignore the perils of the present?

The Tide of Negativity

We are all that stands between the rising tide of negativity in this world and progressive waves of conflict, chaos, and destruction. If we are wise and act together, we can generate the necessary critical mass to create a new positive trend, and we will be in time to make a difference. If we choose to forge the vital link to our souls, we will be strong enough and light enough to ease the massive pressure in the world.

If, on the other hand, we choose not to heal our lives, we are actually increasing the negative pressure in the world, making it that much tougher for the planet to heal and move forward to peace and safety. When the world is as polarized as it is today, there is no place to hide. Either we add to its polarization by neglecting our obligation to face our own darkness, or we contribute to its salvation by choosing to develop our inner light.

Soul contact has the capacity to transform negativity, reduce its threat, and slow its progress until it dies out altogether. The solution to what ails the world is as political as it is spiritual. If we find our wholeness, we can stand together in the light, united in our will to serve a high and loving purpose, and build the momentum to move forward, creating a peaceful and productive world.