Drones Coming to Your Neighborhood


Drones in American Skies

Unmanned drones will soon be hovering over your neighborhood. The Congress of the United States just passed the FAA Reauthorization Act. This bill gives the Federal Aviation Authority the right to use drone technology over the skies of America. The FAA estimates that there will be 30,000 unobservable drones observing you by 2020. That’s right, 30,ooo drones watching your every move! It’s not a typo.

The Destruction of Our Civil Rights

Adding insult to injury, the taxes you have to pay to the Federal Government  will be used to surveil you with drones 24/7.  In other words, you are paying the federal government to intrude into your life and watch you in unobservable drones , wherever you are and wherever you go. Whatever happened to your constitutional rights and civil liberties? That’s easy. Since 9/11 and the introduction of the Patriot Act, your civil rights have slowly disappeared. Drip. Drip. Drip. One freedom gone. Then another. Then another. We no longer live in a constitutional republic. While the public’s attention is diverted by sports, reality TV, celebrity breakdowns, and the omnipresent first family of America, – (I don’t refer to the Obamas but to the Kardashians because they’re more omnipresent than the President and far richer than he is.How sick is that?) – democracy is being quietly replaced with a totalitarian fascist state.

drones Obama and FAA Reauthorization Act

President Obama

The NDAA Revisited

A few short weeks ago, Obama signed the NDAA (The National Defense Authorization Act) into law. First, he said he would veto it, not because it was blatantly unconstitutional, but because it didn’t go far enough. When he finally signed it, he rather disingenuously said he would never use it. Yet ,during the earlier congressional debate over the proposed legislation, Obama insisted that the Congress insert language into the bill that would label every American citizen an enemy combatants. The final version of the NDAA, which Obama signed, defines America as a battlefield and all American citizens as enemy combatants.

Now we have the FAA Reauthorization Act. Does anyone see the connection? Soon we will have 30,000 unobservable drones patrolling the skies of the American battlefield looking for American enemy combatants. Drip. Drip. The hidden agenda is rolled out one step at a time. Chilling and Orwellian, don’t you think?

FEMA Camps

In the 1980’s President Reagan authorized the building of approximately 2500 FEMA internment camps. What in God’s name are they for? The answer is slowly coming into focus. These concentration type camps are, in all likliehood, for all the enemy combatants the administration plans to find in America. The drones are coming.

Are these new laws part of Obama’s “Change you can believe in”?