Why You Don’t Get What You Want*

Why You Don’t Get What You Want*

And What to Do About It

It’s simple really. You don’t get what you want because your hidden subconscious beliefs interfere with, undermine, and cancel out your conscious intentions. Your mind is like an iceberg. One eighth of the iceberg sits above the water line. Seven eights sits submerged below the water line. The one eight above the water line is your conscious mind. The seven eights submerged below the water line is your subconscious mind. Guess which one is stronger? The subconscious will always win. As long as there are countervailing beliefs hidden in the subconscious computer, the subconscious will program your reality so you don’t get what you want. You will simply experience more of the same. There will be no change, or very little change. Certainly, not the movement you had hoped for.

Sometimes, these hidden beliefs have to do with past experiences that occurred in this lifetime. If we get quiet and ask our intuition what is causing this issue we may remember a past event that created a negative belief in our subconscious. Many years ago I had a phone client from Idaho who was agoraphobic. When our session began I transmitted the healing energy to her over the phone and took her back to a traumatic event she had completely suppressed and forgotten. Her then husband had taken her to the hairdresser in town. He dropped her off and kept on going, abandoning her without warning. He never came back. It was a terrible shock to her system. She remarried a few years later but was unable to leave the house. Her fear of abandonment had made her agoraphobic. She had been the prisoner of her agoraphobia for thirty years. As the healing energy began to penetrate deep into her subconscious I took her into the emotion of her repressed trauma. Within minutes she was sobbing and screaming. Her emotional release lasted for the rest of the session. When we finished she was at peace with herself. The next day she was able to go fishing on a nearby lake with her husband. Her agoraphobia of thirty years was cured.

In other cases, these limiting and undermining beliefs are hidden deep in the soul. They have their origin in other lifetimes. These kinds of hidden beliefs are much harder to find and resolve. It is an area I have specialized in for over thirty years. Some years ago, I conducted a healing workshop at the University of Illinois. Among the participants was a young heavy set woman who had been trying to lose weight for years. No matter what she did or what affirmation she repeated thousands of times to her subconscious mind nothing changed. She couldn’t stop eating. Her eating compulsion was destroying her life leaving her distraught, depressed and feeling powerless.

When her turn came to get on the healing table I started by transmitting energy to her central nervous system. A few minutes later she was deeply relaxed. I could see she had a big energy block in her solar plexus so I put one hand one top of her navel area and my other hand on her back under the solar plexus. A moment later she was back in another life, a little Indian girl in a village high in the Andes mountains. There was little food for the villagers and she starved to death. When she re-experienced the events of that lifetime she sobbed for a long time. When she got up from the table she was still quite shaky. I received a call from her a month later. Her eating compulsion had disappeared the day of the workshop and never returned. She had lost twenty pounds in the month since the workshop without trying.

When you find the cause of your subconscious resistance and release it, getting what you want is often effortless and sometimes miraculous. Your mind is the source of your fulfillment and abundance as well as the cause of your undoing. Which path will you choose?

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