A Tragedy Turns Into A Miracle

A Routine Procedure Goes Bad

I want to share a true and amazing story with you about life, death and love. On May 5, 2015 my fiancé Darci and I brought Champ, our two year old Daschshund, into Coral Springs  Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Fl. for surgery to repair a defective pulmonary valve in his heart. This defect threatened to end his life very early. The cardiologist told us in an earlier consult  that he had been performing this procedure for fifteen years and had never lost an animal. He said it was “a minimally invasive procedure” and that after it was done Champ should live a normal healthy lifespan. Outside of the heart issue Champ was a very healthy, energetic and active dog with a winning personality. If you didn’t love Champ you didn’t have a heart. He attracted love wherever we took him. He was our little boy.

Cardiac Arrest

The surgery started out perfectly. Later Dr Carpenter said it was the easiest procedure of that type he had done in years. After making two passes with the balloon to open the valve  he decided to make one more pass through the valve opening to open it fully. As he made the third pass something went wrong and our Champie went into cardiac arrest. The Dr. and his staff worked frantically to save him and restart his heart. But they were unable to do so. We got the call about what had happened a few minutes later. We were absolutely devastated. We rushed out to the hospital to say goodbye to our little Champie. Dr Carpenter and his staff came in to speak with us. It was obvious Champs’ death had affected them deeply. Dr. Carpenter’s eyes were red from crying.

Dr Anthony Kennedy: A special gift

Later that evening, I called a very special friend of mine in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony Kennedy. Anthony is European and speaks several languages. Dr. Kennedy is a highly sought after and extremely gifted psychic and psychologist. I asked Anthony if he could see how Champ’s soul was doing on the other side or if there were any consolation he could offer us. Our grief was immense. We were in shock. Anthony didn’t hesitate.
“Alan,” he said. “Champ is going to incarnate again very quickly. The body he’ll be coming into has already been born and at this point is a few weeks old. Don’t worry, you’re going to find him again. He’ll be yours. This time he will have a very healthy heart and live a long life. He is male, same breed, and looks just like he did in his life with you. You’ll know him because he’ll have a spot above his right eye.”
I was blown away. Could this really be true? Anthony continued. “You’ll find him in two to three weeks.”
“How will I find him, Anthony?” I managed to ask.
“Don’t worry. Just start looking. He’ll be with you again. I guarantee it.”

The Search for Champ Begins

We started looking on line. There were several sites that had daschshunds for sale or as rescues in South Florida. Unfortunately, we could find none that had a spot above their right eye. It wasn’t looking good.
A week after he had died I felt Champ around me all that day. I knew he had reincarnated. I was more determined than ever to find him. The next day Anthony called. There was excitement in his voice. “I have confirmation that Champ has reincarnated. He’s the runt of the litter. A woman in her late fifties has the litter. He’s somewhere between 25 to 50 miles from you. You’ll find him this week. He’s very eager to get home.”
The Search Ends
That Friday after a fruitless week of searching, I found a site I had never been on before. A woman in Miami had posted pictures of a doxie litter for sale with an accompanying phone number. I called her immediately and asked if there was a male runt in her litter. She said there was and that he was her favorite. She said he was very sweet, loving and intelligent just as Anthony had said he would be. I asked her if she could send me a few close ups of his face.  I received them that evening. Sure enough, there was a spot above his right eye. I called her back and made arrangements to purchase him. We picked him up a week ago. When we met her, I asked if she wouldn’t mind telling me how old she was. “Not at all,” she said. “I’m sixty.” I smiled. Then I told her the story of Champ’s death and what Anthony had told me. She got goose bumps on her arms. “I believe that,” she said and gave me a hug.
Champ Returns!
As soon as we got him in the car, he became very excited and couldn’t stop kissing Darci’s face. When we brought him into the house there was no hesitation or fear on his part. He just took off sniffing and exploring the kitchen and living room. His personality is the same. The things he likes doing are the same. I held him in my lap while he napped the next day and felt his soul energy. At that point I had no doubt about who he was. The energy was the same. He was Champ and he had come home! We have renamed him Romeo. A new life deserves a new name. I can’t tell you how happy he is to be home or how happy we are to have him back again. It is nothing short of a miracle.

Dr Kennedy is Coming to So Florida: Book Your Appointment Now

We owe a great debt to Dr. Anthony Kennedy. Without his profound gifts we never would have found our little guy. Dr. Kennedy has a very impressive resume. He was Psychic Medium to the Queen Mother in the UK for fifteen years. He has read for two sitting US Presidents, several movie studio heads and many A list actors. He has saved many Hollywood careers. He was also the civilian head of LAPD for several years as well. That’s only part of an extensive and impressive resume. Dr. Kennedy will be visiting us in South Florida this summer. Email me at trailhawk@gmail.com if you would like to make an appointment to see him in person when he comes. Slots are limited. First come, first served. If you don’t live in South Florida, or even if you do, you can also make a appointment to have a phone consultation with Dr. Kennedy. He is offering a special rate of $250.00 an hour for a limited time. His normal fee is $300.00. If you wish to make an appointment for a telephone consultation Email me at trailhawk@gmail.com and I’ll provide you with Dr Kennedy’s contact information.
As I write this, Romeo is tucked against me on the couch taking his afternoon siesta. He is now eight weeks old.
Wishing you all the best,
Alan Mesher