The Truth About Pyramids


Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuaca, Mexico

Pyramids Aren’t Tombs!

I was in Michigan last week attending a conference on Pyramids led by my good friend Stewart Swerdlow. The guest speaker was an archaeologist from Bosnia named Dr Sam Osmanagich. Dr. Sam gave a three hour lecture on pyramids and their true purpose. It was one of the best lectures I’ve ever heard. This guy is an international treasure. There are hundreds of pyramids all over the world. Pyramids are not tombs for Pharoahs, kings or anyone else. The largest and most important pyramids in the world are not in Egypt like we’ve been taught to believe, but in Bosnia. These pyramids were recently discovered by Dr Sam and are being uncovered slowly. It’s much larger than the great pyramids of Egypt and appears to be much older. Underneath it are several layers of tunnels. It is a four sided pyramid made of concrete slabs that are much stronger than any concrete we use today. It is thought that the Romans discovered concrete two thousand years ago. Again, not so. Whoever built the Bosnian pyramids created a much stronger form of concrete many thousands of years before Rome existed.

Free Energy

The real purpose of this and most other pyramids around the world is as a free energy device. Underneath the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is a large crystal encased in ceramic. This crystal is the source of free energy that shoots up through the top of the pyramid and reaches far into the galaxy. It has been doing this continuously without interruption for tens of thousands of years.

Non Hertzian Energy

The free energy emanating from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun is an example of non-hertzian energy, according to Dr Sam. In other words, the signal grows stronger the farther you travel from the source. In typical hertz related measurements, the signal is strongest where it emanates from and grows weaker the farther one travels from the source. The free energy from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun completely reverses the Hertz energy pattern.

Negative Ion Concentration

In the tunnels under the Pyramid the concentration of negative ions is something like 40,000 per cubic foot. In a normal room the concentration is approximately 300 per cubic foot. Negative ions kill pathogens like virus, bacteria, fungus, mold. Many people have reported improvements in their health when they stay in the tunnels for a short time.

If this form of free, non polluting energy were to be put use in the world, the world economy would be incredibly productive and most people would experience a greater degree of health and abundance. There would be no more wars for energy; no more domination by cartels controlling the world’s supply of energy and charging exorbitant fees for it.

So if you want to plan a trip to one of the most fascinating sites on the planet forget about Egypt. Go to Bosnia and see the pyramids in The Pyramid of the Sun complex.

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