The Times We Live In

world conflict

An Age of Increasing Polarity

We live in an age of increasing polarity and deepening conflict in all spheres of human experience: between nations, religions, political ideologies, ethnicities, genders, families, and individuals. This conflict is global, regional, local, political, economic, environmental, cultural, religious, historical, and increasingly personal. Sometimes,the conflict is all of these things at once. Virtually all forms of this conflict involve closed systems and zero sum games. No matter the conflict, there is little honest dialogue between the opposing parties. Instead of dialogue, charges and counter charges are levied, irreconcilable demands are made, and hostilities follow. With the world driven by the increasing spread of negative energies, the end of conflict frequently appears too late, if at all, and when it does arrive, it is often temporary. Instead of turning over a new leaf and building toward a new future, this becomes a time when new seeds of hatred are planted. The vanquished nurture their wounds and sow their bitterness in deep, underground streams of hatred that lie boiling within their psyches. Inevitably, the conflict returns.

A Time of Uncertainty

We stand once more at a critical point in world history. We live in a time of great uncertainty. The storm winds gather; the chill of peril fills the air. As dark as the times may be, not all is lost. We still stand. While the gathering storm may bring us into harms way, it also presents us with an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and spiritual advancement. If we choose the path of personal evolution, we will increase the light in this world and lessen the power of the darkness to wreak havoc and create conflict all around us. The most important thing we can do for the world is to be who we really are.

The Future

The future is on our shoulders. At a time when, as individuals, we may seem to be insignificant, the truth is that we have never been more powerful. We have never been more important, and we have never been more necessary. If we succeed in bringing down the light from above, our influence will expand in ways we may never know about and touch people in other parts of the world whom we never knew existed. It is only in this way that the threat of conflict will recede.