The Stanford Study on Organic vs Conventional Produce

Stanford University, my son’s alm mater, recently published a study claiming that there were little benefits to be had from eating organic produce and that consumers would be well advised to save their money and buy conventional produce. To which I humbly say “Baloney!”

It ain’t true folks. The Stanford study would have you eat GM corn that is round up resistant and sprayed heavily with Roundup. Since when is ingesting highly toxic pesticides beneficial to your health? And that’s only one tiny but striking example. The Stanford study would have you eating GM foods that are heavily sprayed and laden with toxic pesticides.

However, another study on GM foods found that mice fed a GM diet became sterile in three generations. Isn’t that lovely. Population control anyone?

A friend of mine did some research on the money behind this study. Seems like Monsanto and Dow chemical have been financial contributors and benefactors to Stanford and that some of the lead researchers in this study have ties to the above mentioned corporations. Remember the old maxim. If you want to know the truth, follow the money.

Here’s a link to an excellent article on Huff Post that contests the Stanford study’s conclusions in much greater detail.