The 7 Principles of Negative Force

Lao Tzu

There are seven principles of negative force that exert constant pressure on us. If we don’t eliminate the incomplete, toxic emotion from our system, these principles become the power in our lives. They limit our growth and keep us from finding happiness.

The refusal to face the past guarantees its continued presence in our lives. The failure to face what once happened assures that it will repeat itself many times, in many guises, until we finally choose to confront it.

Over five thousand years ago, Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, shared this insight about dealing with inner obstacles: “Because the sage confronts his difficulties, he never experiences them.” The wise man never postpones the moment of reckoning. When he confronts his difficulties as they arise, no toxic shadow remains from the past to fol- low him into the future. No ancient blight waits in hiding, only to arise as if from nowhere, to poison his life.

The seven principles of negative force that control our lives until we eliminate our toxicity are as follows:

␣ Whatever we fail to confront steals our power and diminishes us.

␣ Whatever we avoid or deny controls us.

␣ Whatever controls us keeps us from standing in our own power.

␣ Whatever keeps us from standing in our power keeps us from realizing our true self.

␣ Whatever keeps us from realizing our true self keeps us from actualizing our purpose.

␣ Whatever keeps us from actualizing our purpose keeps us from freedom and fulfillment.

␣ There is no time limit on the hidden toxicity of the past. It does not have an expiration date and will not disappear on its own.

If we don’t take action to defeat our toxicity, it will easily defeat us. It does not lose its power to affect us adversely until we clear it. Clearing our emotional toxicity is absolutely necessary if we are to stand in our power and discover who we really are.