Spiritual Evolution

spiritual evolution

The Three Zones of Evolution

There are three zones involved in the process of opening up our system to the soul. Taken together, these three zones comprise the path of personal evolution. If we fulfill the requirements of these three zones, we will realize our potential. In the first zone on the path of personal evolution, our primary work is to overcome past karma and clear unconscious emotional toxicity from our system. In the second zone, our main work is to stand up for ourselves, integrate our nature, and find our wholeness. In the third zone, our central task is to discover who we really are and fulfill our life purpose. The tasks we need to master in these three zones are sequential in nature, and if we are to succeed in this work, these steps must be taken in their correct order. To approach them out of sequence is to guarantee failure. The three zones of the path of personal evolution in their correct order of sequence are:

1. The Elimination Zone

2. The Integration Zone

3. The Elevation Zone

The Three Ego Levels

Each of these three zones also has a corresponding level of ego associated with it. In the Elimination Zone, we have to contend with the resistant and obstructive nature of the negative ego. The negative ego has no interest in moving forward because its sole interest is in maintaining its control over our entire system.

In the Integration Zone, the negative ego has been transformed and emerges as the healthy ego. The healthy ego seeks to move in harmony with the soul and spirit. Its primary values are growth and freedom rather than control and repression. It is committed to moving forward.

In the Elevation Zone, the healthy ego gives way to the surrendered ego. The surrendered ego has fused with the soul and spirit, becoming their ally and their door to the world. In the third stage of personal evolution, there is no more tension or conflict between the ego and the higher dimensions of our being. A deep peace and clarity settles over the entire nature. The differences in these ego states, as well as their potential transformations, will be discussed in greater detail in later posts.