Building Internal Light


Building Life Momentum

We earn access to more internal light and consciousness and develop a conscious connection to our soul by the manner in which we live our lives. Are we honest? Do we maintain our integrity? Do we respect the rights of others? Can we set aside our personal desires for the good of others? Are we compassionate and kind to those less fortunate than ourselves? Do we help people? Did we ever sacrifice our self-advantage so that someone else might have a better opportunity? Have we grown in our capacity for unconditional love? Have we forgiven those who trespassed against us? Have we cleared our toxicity? Do we know who we really are? If our answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then we are using the Law of Consequences to our advantage and building positive momentum in our life.

Nothing Stays the Same

This is a world of impermanence. It is ruled by change and uncertainty. Nothing here stays the same or lasts forever. We are born into these conditions, conscious to some degree and mortal in the highest degree. We have just enough consciousness to spend most of our life trying to subdue our anxiety by finding a measure of permanence in the world. Sadly, most of us do not yet have enough consciousness to realize that the only real permanence we will ever find in this world is the inner light we build within us while we are here. As we build our light, we grow our soul and pull the power of the Divine down into our lives. One of the great heartbreaks of life is that we all have enough consciousness to struggle and suffer, but most of us do not yet have enough consciousness to find joy and fulfillment.