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The Largest Oil Deposit in the World

The Green River Formation The largest oil deposit in the world is the Green River Formation located in parts of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.  The USGS estimates there are three trillion barrels of oil in the formation. The Rand Corp estimates that 30 to 60 percent of that is recoverable.  That’s anywhere from one trillion […]

Finding Your True Life Purpose

The Five Common Features of a True Life Purpose All manifestations of a true life purpose have five common features. A true life purpose is the result of Self-realization, of becoming who we were always meant to be. The foundation of Self-realization is the merger of the conscious, rational mind with the soul.  A true […]

Soul Power

Building the Link to the Soul Since life  is always a struggle of one sort or another it is imperative to build the link to our soul. We must fight against the stupidity, intolerance, prejudice, and hatred that are so entrenched in the world. We must also fight the negative qualities that are firmly entrenched […]

Turning the Other Cheek

When to Turn the Other Cheek and When Not To Sometimes, when we are confronted with negativity in a personal context, the best course of action is non-action or non-violence. Rather than getting drawn into a situation where the goal of our opponent is to taunt us into doing something foolish that will be used […]

Establishing Soul Contact

The Forgotten Soul The soul has been forgotten and is largely ignored. The world breaks from its moorings. The pace of life and the stress of living grow in quantum leaps. Even though the sense of stability in the world seems to be diminishing, relatively few people have begun to consciously develop the vital link […]

Power and Darkness

The Septimius Syndrome In ancient times there was a Roman Emperor named Septimius Severus. Septimius was highly educated for his times, extremely intelligent, charismatic, handsome, and polished. He spoke several languages, studied literature and philosophy in Athens, and later became a lawyer in Rome. Long before he became the Emperor, Septimius was thought of as […]

Martial Law: The Next Step

The March to Martial Law The march to martial law continues. According To Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com the Department of Homeland Security has awarded a contract for 450 million rounds of .40mm hollow point ammo to ATK a munitions manufacturer. Since the DHS is strictly a domestic operation that means those rounds are intended to […]

The Hundred Monkey Theory & Collective Change

Critical Mass The Hundred Monkey Theory provides hope for  collective change in humanity. The notion that a critical mass of consciousness can change the collective consciousness is not a new one. The Hundred Monkey Theory emerged in the nineteen seventies when researchers in the wilds of Japan noticed that a few monkeys in the group they […]

The Higher Power

Aspiration and the Higher Power Our aspiration to grow is the key to bringing down the higher power that will accelerate our evolution and help us discover who we really are. Aspiration is a magnetic power and a potent force that used correctly will increase our inner light and access to the higher power. When […]


The Conscious Gateway Self-actualization occurs when spiritual light is consciously introduced into the energy channels of the subtle nervous system through meditation and is then directed to rise in a disciplined manner through the chakras, starting with the base chakra at the bottom of the spine system and culminating in the chakra above the top […]