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#1 International Bestseller in 14 Categories!

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In two short days my novel, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE, has achieved a #1 International Bestseller ranking in 14 different categories on amazon.com. If you haven’t yet had a chance to download this beautifully written and compelling story you can still do so for $.99 before this deal disappears forever. Not only will you Read More…


#1 International Best Seller!!

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My novel, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE has just reached #1 International Best Seller Status on amazon.com. For a short time only you can purchase the kindle version of this tremendous tale of tragedy, triumph, and transformation for only $.99! You will also receive several free bonuses with your purchase. Virtually everyone who has read Read More…


A Tragedy Turns Into A Miracle

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A Routine Procedure Goes Bad I want to share a true and amazing story with you about life, death and love. On May 5, 2015 my fiancé Darci and I brought Champ, our two year old Daschshund, into Coral Springs  Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Fl. for surgery to repair a defective pulmonary valve in his Read More…


Isis & World War 3

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ISIS They arise out of nowhere. A full blown highly trained army of 10,000. They are well equipped with high tech weaponry taken from the war materiel the U.S. left behind for the Iraqi army. They have financial resources of approximately two billion US dollars. They have established a caliphate stretching from Iraq to Syria. Read More…


Why You Don’t Get What You Want*

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Why You Don’t Get What You Want* And What to Do About It It’s simple really. You don’t get what you want because your hidden subconscious beliefs interfere with, undermine, and cancel out your conscious intentions. Your mind is like an iceberg. One eighth of the iceberg sits above the water line. Seven eights sits Read More…


What My Neighbors Have to Say

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Two Interesting Reviews   I recently sold two copies of THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE to two people in my neighborhood. One is a retired business woman who made a fortune in real estate after emigrating to America from Poland. The other is a retired cosmetic surgeon who had a hugely successful practice in Washington DC. Read More…


A House Divided

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  Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway once wrote “Life breaks everyone. Only a few are better for it.” In our culture people are more broken and wounded than ever before. We have become a society full of addicts of every possible stripe and every possible addiction: recreational and psychotropic drugs, prescription meds, alcohol, sex and work Read More…

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Acceptance and Resistance

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Acceptance and Resistance This is an excerpt from my book JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Read it a few times. There’s alot to it. What we cannot accept makes us unhappy. What makes us unhappy we resist. What we resist, we struggle against. What we struggle against binds us to it. Whatever binds us, Read More…


Something Strange is Happening Here

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Chemical Snow? I received a call recently from a friend who is in touch with one of the most brilliant and cutting edge scientists in the world. My friend lives in a southeastern state where it has snowed several times this winter. His scientist contact told him to go out after the last snowfall, make Read More…


The 9 Maxims of Transformation

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Here’s an excerpt from my novel, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE, that describes the difference between spiritual glamor and spiritual transformation. Most people follow the path of glamor because it’s cool, current, in vogue and popular. Real spiritual transformation is decidedly more difficult but also infinitely more rewarding because it produces real and lasting change. Read More…


Healing Pets Energetically: Three Miracle Stories

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  The Little Poodle I’ve been an energetic healer for over thirty years. My clients have come from all walks of life and all continents. My clients are not limited to people but include pets and animals. In fact, the first miraculous healing I ever did was on a little poodle. I was in my Read More…


The Bipolar Universe

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The Bipolar Universe Electrical energy is the fundamental driver of the physical universe, moving between the positive and negative poles of existence, making it bipolar in nature. The perpetual movement of energy from one pole to the other creates constant change. Change is always relative. Sometimes, it appears beneficial. At other times, it may seem Read More…



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Here’s a review of THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE  by Michael Philip Mann, a wonderful and talented writer, editor and critic. Thank you Michael. At one point in The Silent Steps of Grace, the narrator tells us that “. . . Grace could be hard and merciless. She requires you to travel down a long Read More…


Cords: The Invisible Lines of Communication

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My brother Mark died of brain cancer in January 2006. At the time, my father was in a nursing home suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease. His mind was nearly gone, he remembered next to nothing and could do very little for himself. Before my brother passed he gave instructions that our father was never to Read More…


Spirituality and Weight Loss

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The Repetitive Nature of Trauma Whatever we repress runs us. Whatever we repress is stronger than we are. We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Much of that trauma occurs in childhood. Childhood trauma repeats itself throughout our lives, until we face the secret source of our undoing, feel the pain of our original Read More…


Soul Activation Part 3: Your Hidden Power

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A Flawed Instruction Set Virtually everyone has a flawed instruction set that controls their subconscious and creates much of what they experience in their personal reality. The subconscious is a massive reality creating machine. It is both immensely powerful and extremely subtle. It’s always generating our experience, yet we proceed through life generally unaware of Read More…


Soul Activation Part 2: The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to create the reality you would like to experience. Like anything else it must be used correctly if you are to have success. Here are some simple suggestions to use it effectively. You must create your affirmation/goal as if you have it right Read More…


Soul Activation: Part 1

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Soul Activation One of the main goals of the control matrix is soul suppression. The Powers That Be do not want you to realize how powerful you really are or to experience your connection to the God force. Toward that end they use media, education, the news, music and movies, the food you eat and Read More…


How to Make a Difference

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Forms of Service Assuming that we wish to elevate our lives, increase the positive energy in our spiritual account, and do what we can to safeguard our future, what then is the best way to serve? If we wish to serve and elevate our lives, the first thing we should do is begin at the Read More…


Karma and the Long Term

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The Selfish Agenda While karmic acts may initially help us satisfy a selfish agenda and achieve short-term success, in the long-term those same acts will bring us to a far different conclusion. In the end, karmic success dissipates, just as it dissipated for Richard Nixon, and we are left unprotected and exposed with no alternative Read More…


The Karmic Highway

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The Fool and the Karmic Highway The foolish person ignores the correlation between action and consequence. Instead, he proceeds down the karmic highway where most other people, also ignorant of spiritual law, join him. The karmic highway is a perpetual traffic jam, full of angry people jostling for position. No one goes very fast on Read More…


Three Karmic Principles

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The First Principle of Karma Richard Nixon’s fall from grace reveals three important principles of the Law of Consequence. The first principle is that the energy we amass in our spiritual bankbook over our lifetime is more powerful than any position of power we might hold. Nothing will shield us from our karma when the Read More…


The Power of Service

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Service and The Present Moment When our service is clean, we connect with other people in a deep way. That connection creates a sense of unity and purpose that shifts us out of self-concern and into the present moment, where anxiety, need, and attachment do not exist. When we set our own concerns aside, we Read More…


Selfishness and Service

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Selfishness and the Negative Ego Selfishness is the product of one’s separation from his soul. The separate self has no connection to anything greater and more encompassing than itself. It sees itself as alone in a hostile world. It has no real capacity for love. If it gives, it will only do so to make Read More…


Health and the Liberation Matrix

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The Foundation of Health The foundation of health is the food we put into our bodies. The Control Matrix wants you to eat industrialized, processed food that has negligible nutritional content and is loaded with toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. The typical American diet leads to serious health problems and degenerative diseases. It often ends with Read More…


A Tale of Two Matrixes | matrix

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A Tale of Two Matrixes: Which One Defines You? There are two matrixes that determine much of our behavior in this world. Both matrixes are hidden from view. Most people are not even aware of their existence. They are, respectively, the Control/Satanic Matrix and the Liberation/Divine matrix. THE CONTROL MATRIX The Control/Satanic Matrix has been Read More…


The Silent Epidemic, The Silent Killer | liver disease

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NAFLD A good friend of mine called me in tears a couple of years ago. She had just returned from her doctor’s office. The results of her recent blood tests had just come in. The doctor sat her down and gave her the bad news. The tests indicated she had third stage cirrhosis of the Read More…


Corn and Ethanol: Food for Thought

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I have excerpted a few paragraphs today from John Thomas’s Mad Hedgefund Trader  latesat newsletter. John always has deep and often prescient insights into the workings of markets and their impact on investments and economies. Here is what he has to say about ethanol and its economic impact. The information is clear and chilling. “The Read More…


You’re in the Middle of a Covert War

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The Real Drug War A covert war rages around you. If you’re like most people you have no idea it even exists. This is a war for your health, your mental stability and your longevity. The pharmaceutical industry wants every American on prescription drugs. According to a CDC report in 2007-2008 “Over the last 10 Read More…


Secrets of Upliftment: The X Factor

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Service We serve others in order to grow our soul, increase our inner light, and fuse our soul with our ego. However, if we try to serve before we have cleared our toxicity, opened our system to our soul, and learned to stand in our power, our service will not be empowering. Instead, it will Read More…

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